About us – Rookie Humans

About Us

The inspiration behind our brand:

Every parent knows there is nothing more adorable than a sleeping baby. As a mom of two, I have found myself countless times silently admiring the beauty of those moments. I have taken thousands of pictures of my babies laying in their cribs, and my crib sheets have become backdrops to so many wonderful memories.

This led me to wonder: Why aren’t crib sheets designed in a more imaginative way? In a way that looks as magical and sweet as the moment feels?

This is the inspiration behind Rookie Humans, a desire to help parents capture the magic of these fleeting moments with our tiny babes. Because next thing you know, they’ll be in a twin bed, and if you’re anything like me, you might get a little choked up.

About our designs:

It is a special privilege to become a part of a child’s story. That’s why we searched high and low to find incredibly talented artists who bring their unique interpretation of dreamland to each of their designs. Every sheet is a backdrop to a delightful story, and every baby is the protagonist.

Like your babe, each design is a limited edition. Our first two collections feature hand-drawn work from these talented artists:

Ellen Giggenback, New Zealand

Swantje Hinrichsen, Germany