• I've been following Em Clarke at @ournortherndays since Orion was a little baby. Orion had such a beautiful nursery, but the transformation from baby to toddler room is what I wanted to share with you all. I will admit that when I was working on my first nursery, I didn't consider how it would tr... view post
  • Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and we’re excited to make a day - or maybe even a whole weekend of it! Here are some fun and simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new baby.Send out Valentines from your little onePhoto credit: Andreas Wohlfahrt  Get creative!  Here's an exc... view post
  • When we got tagged on Filip's nursery, we immediately fell in love with the colorful and fun vibe of the room.  During a time when the trends are going minimalistic and beige, we celebrate anyone daring enough to play with bright colors!  We hope Jovana's fun nursery will inspire you to embrace color, patterns and bold details.

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