Welcoming Spring into the nursery

Spring is the time of the year when everything comes back to life after a dark, quiet winter. The change of seasons brings sunlight and warmer temperatures, which triggers a response in all living things. Sleepy mammals emerge from hibernation, flowering plants burst into bloom, and babies are born all over the animal kingdom. It’s a season that symbolizes birth and renewal, and is also synonymous with the bright, lively colors it awakens.

If you’re expecting in spring, or just want to refresh your little one’s nursery, spring-inspired decor is perfect for expressing the optimism and renewal that your baby
brings to the world.

Here are some ways that you can bring the color and joy of spring into your
little one’s nursery:

Nothing says springtime like flowering plants and cute animals. When choosing prints for the nursery, pick ones that represent the flora and fauna of the season. Woodland nursery decor is a popular choice because it conveys the gentle, welcoming feel of a sunlit forest. If your nursery ideas are leaning more towards florals, choose prints with vibrant, bold colors to reference springtime blooms.

Our Enchanted Meadow crib sheet depicts a sleeping bear, hedgehog, squirrel, and bunny on a meadow covered in blooms, and is perfect for bringing your baby’s nursery to life with the beautiful colors of spring.

Add small floral accents, like this soft, knit daisy rattle.

Walls are valuable real estate in interior design. The right choice in paint color can completely change a room’s atmosphere and impact our mood. An accent wall with paint or wallpaper is one option, but using wall decals and wall hangings is also a quick way to bring color and dimension to the room without picking up the paint brush. 
The Enchanted Forest wall decal creates a pretty picture with sweet, woodland
creatures, while still leaving plenty of empty space for hanging shelves or framed

The Goodnight Wonderland wall decal is a dreamy, whimsical choice, with a chipmunk and bird in the clouds of a night sky, as a bunny holds a fallen star down below.

When we think about spring, we think of the sound of birds chirping, but there's another sound that comes to life in the garden.  Yes, I am talking about the buzzing sound of bugs! No one turns bugs into little works of art like our friends at Studio Roof. Add a bold dragonfly, or colorful beetle to turn any wall into a vibrant art installation.  

At Rookie Humans you know we are obsessed about creating crib sheets that tell a story, putting your baby right in the middle of some of the most dreamy and whimsical backdrops. Refreshing the nursery with new bedding is not only a quick and easy way to update the theme, but also will create an adorable background for your baby's milestone photos.  Whether you are inspired by flowering blooms, or the joyful colors of a rainbow, we have you covered:

Spring is a time when anything feels possible. Bright green blades of grass emerge from a thawing forest floor, frozen bodies of water give way to dancing ripples as everything comes back to life, and the birds resume their cheerful notes. It’s this exact feeling that you want to capture in your baby’s room to make it a space that feels playful and whimsical. 

A unique baby mobile, like the Luna Moth Mobile, can turn your little one’s sleep space into an enchanting garden. This mobile is handcrafted and features delicate moths that sway under the slightest breeze.

There's no better way to embrace the burst of color that comes with spring, than by adding a rainbow accent, like our rainbow rug or wall hanging.

When it comes to your baby’s nursery, your style may be fearlessly bold or a little more muted.  Whether you are ready to make a bold accent wall or just looking to add some delicate touches of spring, we hope you found some inspiration on this post to bring to life a spring-inspired nursery theme. 

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