Celebrating Valentine's Day with your baby

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, and we’re excited to make a day - or maybe even a whole weekend of it! Here are some fun and simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a new baby.

Send out Valentines from your little one
valentine's photo
Photo credit: Andreas Wohlfahrt 

Get creative!  Here's an excuse to dust off that KA-POW red lipstick and leave mama's kiss mark on your little one's feet.  Or paint those itty bitty toes and chubby hands to make some handprint and footprint hearts. If you want to create a pretty card design but are not crafty, you can find lots of printable templates on Etsy! The one pictured below is from PrintitoffShop, linked here.
valentine's day printable

Parent tip: Be sure to use washable finger paint and time your arts and craft projects to happen right before bath time!

Do something that reminds you of the early days in your relationship
hike with baby

Photo credit: Josh Willink 

Yes, things may look a little (or a lot) different right now, so get creative and modify an activity you used to love doing with your significant other. Whether that means finding a way to do it in your home, doing it with your little one, or both!
Did you always go hiking? Plop your babe in a carrier and hit the trails!
Did you have a favorite weekend breakfast spot? Get everyone in the kitchen to cook it up or order take out for a living room picnic!
If nothing comes to mind, it could be fun to round up some old photos and look back on where your love began. Your life may be different now, but adding a little one to your family means even more love to go around this Valentine’s Day!

Get cozy and have a stay-at-home date night with your cute-as-can-be third wheel
valentine's day
Photo credit: Mary Collins

Bring the Valentine’s theme to life in your little one’s room and have a fun photoshoot with your new love. Our Love Blooms crib sheet portrays a beautiful scene of blooming florals in the shape of a heart.
Next, get in a cozy mood with comfy pjs and enjoy around-the-clock cuddles with your favorite crew.  We love these matching Valentine’s Day pjs by Little Sleepies. 

matching valentine's day pjs

This Valentine’s Day may be different with your new addition, but adding a little one to the family means even more love to go around this year!

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